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Investigation Date: 04-14-2007
Site: Mantorville Opera House
Location: Mantorville, MN
Number of Investigations: 1
Evidence: EVP’s

Reason for Investigation Request

TCPS first contacted the Mantorville Opera House after reading some of the phenomena that has been witnessed by the owners, employees, and patrons alike. Some of the reported activity includes hearing footsteps, seeing a gray mist, lights turning off and on when no one is in the building, and cold spots. Several other paranormal groups have investigated this site and the owner is always looking for new evidence to better understand the paranormal activity that goes on at the Theatre.

Research and Background on the Property

The town of Mantorville was founded in 1854. The Mantorville Opera House was built in 1918 to replace a portion of businesses that were destroyed in a fire. The site began as an opera house, entertaining the town folk and any visitors who happened to be passing through. This building has served many different purposes throughout its history. The Mantorville Opera House has been a bar or speak-easy, a club, and even the town’s City Hall and Civic Center. The Mantorville Theatre Company took over in the 70's and has been putting on shows there ever since. The Theatre has melodramas playing all throughout the year. Click here to visit their website for more information on their upcoming shows!

Investigation Details

Weather Conditions
Temperature: 32°F
Barometer: 29.96
Humidity: 93%
Dew Point: 30 °
Wind: 3mph
Moon: 6% Full

We had a fairly large group of members present for this investigation. TCPS covered pretty much the entire building: the stage/theatre area, backstage, upstairs dressing rooms, and the most of the basement. We set up motion sensors and a video camera up in the balcony which was overlooking the theatre seats and stage. Within the first hour of investigating, we realized our video camera in the balcony was no longer recording due to the cord coming unplugged from the outlet. How or why it came unplugged remains a mystery as none of our team went up to the balcony nor did the motion sensors ever go off. The group experienced other equipment malfunctions as well through out the night. Most of the team had to “ask permission” to take a picture before our cameras, whether digital or film, would work.

During the first five minutes of investigating, one of our members was sitting in a chair backstage and the chair suddenly moved on its own accord with the investigator still sitting in it! While another group was backstage, they noted a fleeting smell of a fruit-like fragrance that dissipated as quickly as it came. Cold spots were recorded in both the men’s and women’s dressing rooms. Numerous members reported the atmosphere upstairs changing into an extremely dark and thick manner, to the point of no longer being able to see your hand in front of your face. This darkness would linger for a minute or two and then disappear. Other members of the team noted they felt as though they were being watched and followed while investigating the upstairs, as well as seeing shadows. One of the cofounders was in the basement and went to turn around and she stated she felt as though she had walked into another member. Upon turning on her flashlight to see who or what she had bumped into, no one was around and nothing was there to run into.

Final Analysis

Although our actual evidence did not measure up to the numerous personal experiences our team had during the investigation, we do believe the Mantorville Opera House to indeed be haunted. TCPS would love to do a follow-up investigation in the future at the Theatre to gather more evidence and perhaps find out who is haunting the building.

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